Unique and unspoilt nature,
fascinating setting, relaxation

Visit the best golfing places 
in Iceland!

Unique and unspoilt nature,
fascinating setting, relaxation

Visit the best golfing places
in Iceland!

General information

Golf courses

There are 65 golf courses throughout the country whereas 15 of them are 18 hole golf courses and 50 are 9 hole golf course, all of them are available to visitors. In Greater Reykjavík area there are 10 golf courses whereas 5 of them are 18 hole courses and 5 are 9 hole courses.

Golf players

There are 15.000 golfers registered in golf clubs in Iceland. According to public surveys from Capacent Research about 35.000 individuals play golf every year or about 10 % of the population in Iceland.

Length of the golf season

The golf season in Iceland generally runs from late May to early September.

Midnight golf

Midnight golf is generaly playable between early June and later part of July.


Handicap according to EGA (European Golf Association) regulation is required by some of the 18 hole golf courses, usually 36 for men and 36 for ladies. See further information about those requirements on the individual pages of the golf courses/golf clubs.

Dress code

Dress code on golf courses in Iceland is the same as all over the world. Jeans and T-shirts without a collar are not allowed.

Booking tee time

Tee time is generally available but we advise our customers to book tee time one day in advance. In our package tours, booking tee time is taken care of by Iceland ProTravel.

Equipment hire

Through Iceland ProTravel you have access to golf equipments for hire. Please contact us if you are interested at info@golfer.is.

Food on golf courses

Restaurants or cafés are on all the 18 holes golf courses but to less extent on the 9 holes courses. Restaurants are usually open from 9:00 o´clock in the morning to 22:00 in the evening except when the golf course is open for midnight golf, then the restaurant is usually open longer.

Transportation/Travel to Iceland

Transportaion is very easy in Iceland i.e. flights, coaches, taxes or private cars as rental cars. Travel information and package offers can be found on our website: www.golfer.is and of course you can contact us for further information at info@golfer.is


Very frequently asked question in Iceland is about the weather and the rain in particular. The following information is from The Icelandic Meteorological Office. It is the average number of raining days with more than 1 mm of rain pr. day for the last 30 years.

Average rain - number of days in a month
  Reykjavik Akureyri Vestman islands South Mainland
May 9,8 4,8 13,5 9,3
June 10,7 6,4 14,1 12,4
July 10 7,3 13,2 12,5
August 11,7 7,1 14,4 12,4
September 12,4 7,9 15,7 12,3

Further questions

If you have any further questions please send us email through info@golfer.is.